Interview at Ratka — Gastronomic Diff

Interview at Ratka

Ratka! Everybody says that you are unique and that there is no second Ratka in Greece! How do you explain your difference, or otherwise, competitive advantage?

What I believe is unique is that the restaurant has been operating for 42 years. A key ingredient is consistency and quality.


You are an exceptional restaurateur! Please describe your concepts in detail?

A determining factor in my view is the quality of raw materials, daily dedication and care, also to detail, and to all aspects of the operation.


The other time you told me that you have no relationships with gastronomy journalists and your restaurant never gets promotion by the press! Anyway you have managed to be fully booked for more than 40 years! Please highlight your secret!?

I have nothing against promotion however the restaurant is of limited size and I believe the best advertisement comes from clients.


Has the economic crisis reduced the bookings in your restaurant and what are the plans for the future?

The economic crisis has affected all businesses in Greece. As far as we are concerned, the impact has largely been on the bottom line result. Over the past seven years prices and taxes have all increased whereas we have taken pains to keep prices unchanged. Our approach continues to remain the same.


What is your opinion for gastronomic diff and its concept, the art of gastronomic difference?

The number and variety of quality establishments in Greece has grown tremendously in recent years.  This is clearly an excellent development which caters to varying tastes and different abilities.


You have no chef! All recipes in the menu of your restaurant, are completely yours! Please share a diff recipe, or, otherwise an unusual recipe with a difference!?

The menu is based on recipes which appeal to me and may vary depending on seasonal factors.

I wish to thank you very much for requesting my views. I am keenly aware of your own history in relation to culinary business and I consider your involvement in this activity to be a significant contribution to GASTRONOMY.

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