Interview with Alex Tsiotinis EXECUTIVE CHEF — Gastronomic Diff

Interview with Alex Tsiotinis EXECUTIVE CHEF

What are the different chaffing experiences you have gained globally before the opening of your restaurant, CTC?

Ι  like to say that the kitchen of each chef’s reflects the experiences he/she has gained over the years, seen in his/hers own light. As for me , I travelled , loved , cooked  and returned to Αthens to put forward my experiences…


What is the concept of your restaurant and what is in your opinion its competitive advantage?

My restaurant , CTC, is really my kitchen lab, a place to experiment and share my madness with people that are interested in getting familiar with it.


How do you consider Hellenic gastronomy?

Hellenic gastronomy, despite the difficulties and the economic crisis, blooms as time goes by. Greeks’ gastronomy awareness increases and therefore the millions of visitors of our country get in touch more and more with Hellenic Gastronomy.


What is your opinion for gastronomic diff, its concept which is the art of gastronomic difference and the event with topic the evolution of Hellenic gastronomy?

I am pleased to see people who love gastronomy as much as I do, to try to take it a step forward.


What are your goals and plans as a chef?

I am in phase of my career that I begin to understand the deeper meaning of a dish and therefore reject the goal to impress. In the forthcoming years, I wish to discard the technic and focus on the heart of the cooking.


Please share with us a Diff recipe of yours. In other words an unusual and innovative recipe.

I truly believe that I do not make extraordinary dishes, in the contrast I have many familiar tastes in my portfolio , but if you wish for one that I  distinguish at the time is a slowly cooked lamb neck with fermented flour pancakes, sunchokes and black beer glage


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