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About Us

Gastronomic Diff is a global gastronomy project based in Greece. Envisioned by Yiannis Platis, an experienced food enthusiast with a strong passion for the culinary arts, Gastronomic Diff aspires to explore the innovative and authentic in the world of gastronomy. Its mission is to discover and present various aspets of gastronomy, while also focusing on influential factors in the food and drink industry such as taste, texture, well-being, history and culture.

Gastronomic Diff serves as a community representing food lovers and gastronomy professionals, encouraging dialogue & networking and supporting pioneeringinitiatives which link gastronomy to other sciences and embody it in our lives. The project consists of a number of professionals and passionate foodies who share a common appreciation towards the unconventional and innovative in food and drink.

The main aspects of the project are:

  • The display of innovative and unconventional gastronomic approaches
  • The recommendation of new restaurants and gourmet concepts
  • The education relating to gastronomic appreciation
  • The organization of events to introduce new concepts and reflect on original ideas in the gastronomy sector
  • To develop conversations with Chefs and food lovers and spread their ideas
  • To endorse gastronomy on a global scale

For us… Think food, think different!


Yiannis Platis

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