Yiannis Platis: Defining Gastronomic Diff — Gastronomic Diff

Yiannis Platis: Defining Gastronomic Diff

After the successful launch of our site and the huge success we had counting remarks, comments and participation, I think is about time for me to provide the actual definition or rather explain what is meant or hidden behind the name Gastronomic Diff.  This name is more than a brand. One could say is like a philosophy that will lead to a brand or aspect of appreciating what is different in gastronomy.

Gastronomy by definition is the science of food and wine. What appears to be extremely interesting here is the influence of the past in the design and creation of the future in terms of gastronomic brainstorming. And this is how our slogan was formed … The art of Gastronomic Diff, examining the ways through which differences may evolve to new gastronomic standards.

But what do we mean by the word DIFFERENCE. Well in short means our continues research in discovering, tasting, experiencing,  understanding and writing about the differences in food preparation and the sensory qualities of human nutrition as a whole. It also studies how nutrition interfaces with the broader culture.

In order to do that one must consider the following:

  •  Is it about time to develop futuristic gastronomy standards and shape the everyday life for the next generation?
  •  Since difference is always interesting. Could the same apply for food and wine?
  •  Why not create a combination of past and present for the future?

The questions and issues will never end and I could continue writing those for many pages. However, the importance here is the participation of the many to form the few, new ideas, concepts and directions that will form the differentiation in the gastronomy.

And that is where all of you come and participate with your comments and ideas. Let’s discover together the future of our plates and let’s get back to the interests of the past! Everyone is invited to commit his or her idea.

Yiannis Platis

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