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Donuts with feta mousse, mint and pomegranate vinaigrette


  •  For the Donuts
  • 2 cups yogurt 2%
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 ½ cup flour self-rising
  • 1 cup feta cheese
  • oil for frying
  • little mint aroma
  • few dry transformers fruit for garnish (preferably pistachios)


To pomegranate vinaigrette

  •  5gr. Dijon mustard
  • 200 gr. pomegranate juice
  • 20 gr. grenadine
  • 20 gr. white wine vinegar
  • 180 gr. sunflower
  • 180 gr. olive oil
  • salt



For the Donuts

Stir well all ingredients in a bowl with a whisk.

Heat enough oil in a deep pan with a spoon take tablespoons of the mixture and pour the hot oil.

Allow to get a nice color from all sides and finally pull on a platter lined with paper towels.


To pomegranate vinaigrette

In a saucepan simmer the juice of pomegranate, condensing it until it left 1/2 amount. Strain the juice concentrate in sieve and let cool. Then beat in the mixer mustard, concentrated pomegranate juice, grenadine, vinegar and slowly add the sunflower oil and olive oil. Season with salt and taste.


For serving

Place the donuts on a rectangular plate. Add on top of each donut little vinaigrette and sprinkle with a little pistachio.


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